New Request: #HbRedd

You’ve received the following request from Phillip Horner.

We are a therapy and counseling business that are looking to expand with new options for our team. We are looking into the single boost for telehealth therapy and also for some focus. You've also looked around for some pause that might be good for relaxing. Our new space has a large community area and on one side of it, our windows and another side are offices. We're hoping to make some kind of hallway between them and thought actually using some of these booths to do that would work for part of it. We are imagining up to three booths. We do have a limit on our funds.

Request Details:

Request ID: HbRedd
Configurator: Decibel Double – Meet Smart

User Selections:

  • Exterior (Standard)
    • White
  • Interior Walls (Standard)
    • Charcoal
  • Bench Upholstery (Standard)
    • Grey

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Customer Details:

Name Phillip Horner
Phone 7203167774