Technical Specifications

Exterior: 85”H x 88”W x 49”D *
Interior: 80”H x 82”W x 45”D *
Door: 36” x 80” RH
*Dimensions are approximate
Weight: 1800 lbs
Power: Power Cord for Standard 120v Outlet
Quietflow™ Ventilation with quad (4) fans
Power Outlets & USB Charger
Commercial grade (3) hinges
Quietworx ™ Acoustical door seal
Optional Fireshield ™ Fire Suppression System
Powered Coated Steel Frame

Design Patent (pending)
Utility Patent (approved )
Fire Suppression System Patent (Pending)

Coming soon…

Designed for you from the inside out

Different By Design

Effortless Privacy

A Mom’s Journey in the Lactation Pod.

Stress-free experience that allows moms to easily tend to their baby’s needs, wherever they may be.

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QuietFlow™ Ventilation

Keeping you cool.

Our proprietary airflow system is designed to keep you cool, by quietly circulating the air inside the booth, while maintaining acoustical privacy.

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FireShield™ System

Safety First

FireShield™ (Patent Pending) is a heat-activated fire suppression technology available in all our PODs, ensuring fire codes are met while maintaining modularity and flexibility to relocate units.

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