Reasons to use acoustic booths in the learning campus

Private. Multi-purpose. Modular. Sustainable. Durable. Easy. Branded. Create the learning space of the future.

acoustical hive pod at one school global campus

Acoustical “pods”, “hives”, or “phone booths” are becoming very popular in todays educational campuses for many reasons.

  1. PRIVACY – The most obvious benefit of acoustical pods is that they reduce noise pollution in the school and provide privacy for virtual classes, studying, or sensitive conversations. Users whether it be school staff, educators, or students can focus without disruptions from surroundings and increase their productivity.
  2. MULTIUSE – The same acoustical hive or phone booth can be utilized for a variety of purposes not just a single type use. For example, it could be used for a telehealth visit by a student, a virtual class, a peer mentoring session, a quiet study spot, a small staff meet, or a small team touchdown session.
  3. MODULAR – Free standing and no permits required. Pre-engineered and pre-constructed units can be modified and moved to any location on campus with no messy construction.
  4. SUSTAINABLE – Produced in the USA, Spaceworx pods are designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind utilizing recycled content and materials. Relocate and reuse the booths to reduce environmental impact.
  5. DURABLE – Built to withstand the test of time and use by students. Spaceworx booths are constructed with high strength steel frames, impact resistant materials and cleanable interiors. Best value guaranteed.
  6. EASY – Easy to design your own with our 3D configurator. Easy to order. Easy white glove delivery and installation process. Easy to use, plug and play.
  7. AESTHETICS – Sleek and modern. Hundreds of color combinations to enhance your brand or design concept. Custom modifications are available.

Are you an educator or facilities manager? Get in touch with us if you’ve been thinking about an investment into acoustic pods or phone booths – we’ll happily help you create the learning space of the future.