Spaceworx booths increase productivity in todays Educational Campuses

Leverage existing space and create a dynamic learning environment by using modular phone booths and acoustical pods. A better way to make your day, productive! 

Flexible Learning Environments 

Modern flexible learning classrooms incorporate acoustical pods, group work zones, and soundproof phone booths to enhance student productivity. Spaceworx now works with various schools to solve this need of quiet breakout spaces with our Decibel Double, Single, Conference Booths, as well as the Hive Cafe acoustical series and Zip Pod

Private Study Spaces 

From university student centers to school libraries, noise pollution has a widespread impact on students, educators, and visitors alike. Private and soundproof study areas are critical to student concentration and essentially success. Spaceworx Decibel series booths are known for their soundproofing ability and will be an asset to students to study in between their classes. 

Team Learning 

Having acoustical touchdown areas for small groups to learn together are effective because educators are able to form strong relationships with their students to ensure that they are felt, seen, known and heard. This encourages students to work together as a group and increases their learning and emotional well being. Spaceworx products such as the Hive Cafe series, Zip Pod, and Decibel Conference Pod are not only affordable, but versatile for team learning spaces. 

Online Class Space 

The increase of online classes and virtual meetings demands for private zones in the educational campus. Utilizing private acoustical hives and soundproof phone booths solves this demand and allows a class to take place with no disruptions and noise pollution to others. 

College Counseling 

Education centers cant underestimate the importance of individualized, bespoke advice and support by counselors. Having a small private area for these one on one sessions is a requirement. Spaceworx private soundproof booths can be used in diverse ways offering the perfect solution for these sessions, while reducing the need for traditional rooms or offices. 


Rising demand for virtual health visits includes educational environments. Having private phone booths like the Decibel Single strategically placed around the campus allows them to be used for a variety of reasons like students having a telehealth appointment in privacy and comfort. 

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