Are Office Phone Booths Private?

Modern offices are designed to be open spaces so people can interact more with each other. However, the average office worker gets distracted easily and loses concentration with constant distractions. 

Unfortunately, the open space trend can lead to a loss of privacy and concentration….with employees searching for ways to find a private space somewhere, or searching the web for office privacy solutions such as a phone booth.

Now are office phone booths private? The short answer is yes. 

Private phone booths have become popular in the office because they provide a high level of acoustics to block out 90% of the sound surrounding them, eliminating the need for headphones or claiming the nearest office conference room. 

They are cozy with highly rated acoustical fabrics and the modern sleek aesthetics are pleasing to the eye without distracting visual elements.  They are also comfortable to work in with LED lighting, natural light from glass, and fresh air from integrated circulation fans.

Companies like them for the physical and psychological benefits that the booths provide their employees. Hassle free, plug and play are a faster, easier and less expensive option than building out rooms with traditional construction. 

Maybe private phone booths will be coming to your office soon! Check out the Decible Series Single Phone Booth here.