Collaboration, Creativity, and Community: The Benefits of Shared Workspaces

Collaboration, Creativity, and Community: The Benefits of Shared Workspaces

As the nature of work continues to evolve, shared workspaces are becoming increasingly popular as a flexible and cost-effective solution for professionals looking to enhance their collaboration, creativity, and community.

Spaceworx meeting pods and phone booths are a highly innovative and customizable shared workspace solution offering various benefits to enhance your work experience and productivity. They are designed to boost your productivity and efficiency by providing a comfortable, ergonomic, and personalized workspace. Whether you are working on a project, a presentation, or a deadline, Spaceworx acoustical pods offer a quiet, distraction-free environment that can help you focus and achieve your goal.

This blog post will explore how these modular booths can help you foster collaboration, creativity, and community in your shared workspace.


  • Spaceworx meeting pods and phone booths are optimized for collaboration, with features like whiteboards, monitors, and high-speed internet available to enhance your teamwork and productivity.
  • The soundproof walls and ergonomic seating also provide a comfortable and private space for you and your collaborators to focus and communicate effectively.
  • Spaceworx booths come in different sizes and configurations to fit your team’s specific needs, whether you need a small private pod or a larger meeting booth that can accommodate a group of four or more people.
  • With Spaceworx meeting pods and phone booths, you can also easily collaborate with remote team members through video conferencing and other virtual tools.


  • Spaceworx meeting pods and phone booths are designed to inspire creativity and productivity, with modern and stylish interiors, natural light, and customizable design.
  • You can choose your preferred colors, textures, and artwork to create a unique and personalized workspace that reflects your style and vision.
  • The Decibel Double pod, for example, is a specially designed pod that features soundproof walls, ample natural light, and a relaxing atmosphere that can help you stay motivated and engaged.
  • With Spaceworx meeting pods and phone booths you can enjoy a workspace that stimulates your imagination and helps you generate new ideas.


  • Spaceworx meeting booths such as the Decibel Conference are great for building a sense of community and networking with other professionals in your industry or beyond.
  • By sharing the same workspace with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, or small businesses, you can connect with like-minded people, share your expertise, and learn from others.
  • You can also attend events and workshops organized by the shared workspace provider to expand your network and gain new insights.
  • By interacting and collaborating with different individuals and companies, you can gain new perspectives, ideas, and potential partnerships.

In conclusion, Spaceworx pods are a highly effective and innovative shared workspace solution that can help you foster collaboration, creativity, and community in your workspace.

With features optimized for collaboration and creativity, Spaceworx pods offer a dynamic and stimulating environment that can enhance your productivity and help you achieve your goals. Plus, by sharing the same workspace with other professionals, you can build a sense of community and expand your network, leading to new opportunities and insights.

If you are looking for a shared workspace that offers a range of benefits to enhance your work experience, Spaceworx meeting pods and phone booths are an ideal solution.

Maximize Benefits of Activity Based Working by Using Modular Pods & Phone Booths

Activity Based Working (ABW) is a modern approach to work that has gained popularity in recent years. The concept of ABW allows employees to have the autonomy to select the most appropriate work settings for the task at hand and the ability to use those spaces throughout the day. The goal of ABW is to increase productivity, work satisfaction, and overall well-being.

Spaceworx modular pods can be a perfect fit for companies looking to implement ABW in their workspace. The booths such as the Hive Series offer a flexible and adaptable space for various work modes and activities, providing a private and quiet environment for focused work and a comfortable and collaborative space for team meetings and discussions.

According to a study, companies that adopt Activity Based Working (ABW) have reported several significant benefits, including:

• A 17% increase in overall workplace satisfaction

• A 15% increase in employee engagement

• An 11% increase in collaboration and teamwork

• A 10% increase in innovation and creativity

• A 9% reduction in real estate costs

• An 8% increase in employee well-being

These benefits are a testament to the effectiveness of ABW as a work style. The flexibility, adaptability, and autonomy provided to employees in ABW allow them to work in a way that best suits their needs and preferences, leading to increased satisfaction and overall well-being.

Decibel® Conference pods are a perfect fit for an Activity Based Working (ABW) environment. These conference booths can provide a private and quiet environment for focused work, as well as a comfortable and collaborative space for team meetings and discussions. The flexibility and adaptability of these spaces allow employees to work in a way that best suits their needs and preferences, which can increase the sense of ownership and responsibility among employees.

Investing in Spaceworx modular pods as a part of ABW can be a smart move for companies looking to improve their workspace. By implementing ABW, companies can see a significant increase in workplace satisfaction, employee engagement, collaboration and teamwork, innovation and creativity, and employee well-being. The cost savings on real estate and the improvement in sustainability are also major benefits that can’t be ignored.

In conclusion, Spaceworx modular pods and ABW can be a powerful combination for companies looking to create a dynamic, productive, and healthy work environment.

The Benefits of the Spaceworx Decibel Conference Pod: Revolutionizing Brainstorming, Innovation, and Collaborations in the Modern Office Space

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing business world, it’s crucial for organizations to have spaces that support collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Traditional conference rooms often fall short in meeting these needs, leading to distractions, lack of privacy, and an uninspired atmosphere. That’s where meeting pods, like the Spaceworx Decibel Conference Booth, come in as a solution for modern office spaces.

Modular Design

One of the key benefits of meeting pods, such as the Spaceworx Decibel Conference Pod, is their modular design. Unlike traditional conference rooms that require extensive construction and renovation, meeting pods can be quickly and easily installed in any office space. This not only saves time and money, but it also allows for greater flexibility in the use of office space. The pod can be relocated or reconfigured as needed, adapting to the changing needs of the organization.

Advanced Technologies & Features

In addition to its modular design, the Spaceworx Decibel Conference Pod also offers a variety of features that promote brainstorming, innovation, and collaboration. The pod can be equipped with advanced technology, including interactive whiteboards, and multimedia (TV’s) displays, allowing teams to bring their ideas to life as well as power and data.

Acoustical Privacy

The noise-cancelling technology and acoustical properties of the pod ensures that all conversations are confidential, while the comfortable seating and modern design encourage collaboration and creativity.

Layout & Atmosphere

One of the biggest advantages of the Spaceworx Decibel Conference Booth is the unique, inspired atmosphere it provides for teams to work in. The modern design, combined with natural light and a comfortable, private space, creates an environment that promotes focus and inspiration. With a high-quality audio and visual system, teams can also take their presentations to the next level, delivering engaging, immersive experiences that will keep everyone focused and inspired. Teams can make the most of their time in the pod, having focused and productive meetings without any distractions. The pod’s advanced technology and comfortable seating also allow teams to collaborate and brainstorm more effectively, leading to better results and more innovation.

In conclusion, the Spaceworx Decibel Conference Pod is a superior solution for modern office spaces looking to improve collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Its modular design allows for quick and easy installation, while its advanced technology, comfortable seating, and modern design promote brainstorming, innovation, and collaboration. If you’re looking for a way to take your team’s brainstorming, innovation, and collaboration to the next level, consider the Spaceworx Decibel Conference Pod as a solution for your modern office space.

Configure your conference booth now: 3D Configurator

Spaceworx privacy pods incorporating woodgrain design trends

Woodgrain is a popular trend in office design, bringing a touch of warmth and natural beauty to modern workspaces. From natural wood finishes to wood-look laminates, woodgrain can be found in a variety of office furniture and decor.

Spaceworx modular privacy phone booths and meeting pods are introducing a series of different wood grain finishes for the outside panels. The wood-look finishes are not only visually appealing, but they also add a sense of warmth and comfort to the pods. The woodgrain finishes on the side panels of the pods can be customized to match the overall aesthetic of the office space.

In addition to providing privacy and noise reduction, Spaceworx booths also versatile. They can be used as private workstations, meeting spaces, or as a place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the open office. The pods are also easy to install and can be configured in various ways to fit the specific needs of the office.

Below is a list of the wood grain options Spaceworx has added to its product line:


The Walnut Woodgrain option is an excellent choice for furniture as it has a smooth finish that has a natural look with dark shades to complement it. Many interior designers confirm that Walnut is one of the most popular types of wood because of their phenomenal traditional and sophisticated appearance and it is a great choice for a wide range of interior design styles.

Planked Raw Oak

Light wood grain that contains a lot of visible graining and knots without a high-polished finish “feels” soft, and is incredibly popular in part simply because of its naturally warmer color. Some studies show that employees surrounded with light natural wooden surfaces on average reported higher personal productivity, mood, concentration, clarity, confidence, and optimism – and were more likely to find their workplaces relaxing, calming, natural-feeling, inviting, and energizing.

Planked Coffee Oak

Planked coffee oak is a great option because it adds warmth and elegance to the interior design. The coffee-colored finish gives it a rich and sophisticated appearance that can complement a variety of design styles. The natural grain patterns in the oak add character and depth to a room, making it feel more inviting and cozy. Additionally, the color of coffee oak can make a space feel more comfortable, and it is a great choice for creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Research shows that people surrounded by coffee oak surfaces report an increase in comfort and relaxation, as it evokes feelings of warmth and traditional elegance.

White-Painted Wood

White-painted wood is a popular choice for furniture due to its clean, crisp appearance and ability to complement a wide range of styles. It can add a modern and minimalist feel to a room and create a sense of openness. Research has also shown that people surrounded by white-painted wooden surfaces reported increased feelings of calm, peacefulness, and tranquility. This is because the color white is associated with purity, innocence, and cleanliness and it also can evoke feelings of safety and security. Additionally, it helps to reflect light and brighten up the space, which can improve mood and overall well-being. Overall, it’s a great option for adding elegance and serenity to the interior design.

Weathered Fiberboard

Weathered fiberboard is a unique and popular option for furniture and interior design. The weathered look of the fiberboard gives it a rustic and natural feel, which can add character and charm to a room. The weathered texture and the natural patina of the wood can create a sense of warmth and coziness, making a space feel more inviting and homely. Research has also shown that people surrounded by weathered fiberboard surfaces reported increased feelings of comfort and relaxation, due to the natural aesthetic and the association with outdoor environments. Furthermore, the weathered look can make the space appear more cozy and comfortable.

Black Riftwood

Black riftwood is a popular choice for furniture and interior design due to its sleek and modern appearance. The natural grain patterns of the riftwood add texture and character to a room, making it feel more dynamic and interesting. Research has also shown that people surrounded by black riftwood surfaces reported increased feelings of sophistication and elegance, due to the bold and modern aesthetic. Additionally, the black finish can make a space feel more dramatic and bold. Overall, black riftwood is a great choice for those looking to add a touch of contemporary sophistication and elegance to their interior design.

Ultimately, the choice of woodgrain that Spaceworx offers will depend on personal preference and the overall design of the space. Whether you choose to incorporate woodgrain through the use of wood paneling, wooden beams, reclaimed wood accents, or using woodgrain designs for your modular furniture, the natural warmth, and versatility of wood can enhance any office design. With its aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, it is no surprise that woodgrain is a trend that continues to gain popularity in office design.

Configure your booth now with the new woodgrains: 3D Configurator

Reasons to use acoustic booths in the learning campus

Private. Multi-purpose. Modular. Sustainable. Durable. Easy. Branded. Create the learning space of the future.

acoustical hive pod at one school global campus

Acoustical “pods”, “hives”, or “phone booths” are becoming very popular in todays educational campuses for many reasons.

  1. PRIVACY – The most obvious benefit of acoustical pods is that they reduce noise pollution in the school and provide privacy for virtual classes, studying, or sensitive conversations. Users whether it be school staff, educators, or students can focus without disruptions from surroundings and increase their productivity.
  2. MULTIUSE – The same acoustical hive or phone booth can be utilized for a variety of purposes not just a single type use. For example, it could be used for a telehealth visit by a student, a virtual class, a peer mentoring session, a quiet study spot, a small staff meet, or a small team touchdown session.
  3. MODULAR – Free standing and no permits required. Pre-engineered and pre-constructed units can be modified and moved to any location on campus with no messy construction.
  4. SUSTAINABLE – Produced in the USA, Spaceworx pods are designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind utilizing recycled content and materials. Relocate and reuse the booths to reduce environmental impact.
  5. DURABLE – Built to withstand the test of time and use by students. Spaceworx booths are constructed with high strength steel frames, impact resistant materials and cleanable interiors. Best value guaranteed.
  6. EASY – Easy to design your own with our 3D configurator. Easy to order. Easy white glove delivery and installation process. Easy to use, plug and play.
  7. AESTHETICS – Sleek and modern. Hundreds of color combinations to enhance your brand or design concept. Custom modifications are available.

Are you an educator or facilities manager? Get in touch with us if you’ve been thinking about an investment into acoustic pods or phone booths – we’ll happily help you create the learning space of the future.

Spaceworx booths increase productivity in todays Educational Campuses

Leverage existing space and create a dynamic learning environment by using modular phone booths and acoustical pods. A better way to make your day, productive! 

Flexible Learning Environments 

Modern flexible learning classrooms incorporate acoustical pods, group work zones, and soundproof phone booths to enhance student productivity. Spaceworx now works with various schools to solve this need of quiet breakout spaces with our Decibel Double, Single, Conference Booths, as well as the Hive Cafe acoustical series and Zip Pod

Private Study Spaces 

From university student centers to school libraries, noise pollution has a widespread impact on students, educators, and visitors alike. Private and soundproof study areas are critical to student concentration and essentially success. Spaceworx Decibel series booths are known for their soundproofing ability and will be an asset to students to study in between their classes. 

Team Learning 

Having acoustical touchdown areas for small groups to learn together are effective because educators are able to form strong relationships with their students to ensure that they are felt, seen, known and heard. This encourages students to work together as a group and increases their learning and emotional well being. Spaceworx products such as the Hive Cafe series, Zip Pod, and Decibel Conference Pod are not only affordable, but versatile for team learning spaces. 

Online Class Space 

The increase of online classes and virtual meetings demands for private zones in the educational campus. Utilizing private acoustical hives and soundproof phone booths solves this demand and allows a class to take place with no disruptions and noise pollution to others. 

College Counseling 

Education centers cant underestimate the importance of individualized, bespoke advice and support by counselors. Having a small private area for these one on one sessions is a requirement. Spaceworx private soundproof booths can be used in diverse ways offering the perfect solution for these sessions, while reducing the need for traditional rooms or offices. 


Rising demand for virtual health visits includes educational environments. Having private phone booths like the Decibel Single strategically placed around the campus allows them to be used for a variety of reasons like students having a telehealth appointment in privacy and comfort. 

Request a case study of Spaceworx booths working in today’s educational campuses.

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Are Office Phone Booths Private?

Modern offices are designed to be open spaces so people can interact more with each other. However, the average office worker gets distracted easily and loses concentration with constant distractions. 

Unfortunately, the open space trend can lead to a loss of privacy and concentration….with employees searching for ways to find a private space somewhere, or searching the web for office privacy solutions such as a phone booth.

Now are office phone booths private? The short answer is yes. 

Private phone booths have become popular in the office because they provide a high level of acoustics to block out 90% of the sound surrounding them, eliminating the need for headphones or claiming the nearest office conference room. 

They are cozy with highly rated acoustical fabrics and the modern sleek aesthetics are pleasing to the eye without distracting visual elements.  They are also comfortable to work in with LED lighting, natural light from glass, and fresh air from integrated circulation fans.

Companies like them for the physical and psychological benefits that the booths provide their employees. Hassle free, plug and play are a faster, easier and less expensive option than building out rooms with traditional construction. 

Maybe private phone booths will be coming to your office soon! Check out the Decible Series Single Phone Booth here.

Quietflow by Spaceworx

Reducing Decibels For Improved Employee Productivity & Well Being

Excessive noise in the workplace can lead to lower levels of productivity, decreased wellbeing and cause high levels of stress. 

In the survey that was conducted in 2019 – ‘Noise and Wellbeing at Work’ Survey, it was discovered that 44% of the office workers reported that noise has a negative impact on their overall wellbeing, and a further 65% reported that noise in the workplace impacted on their ability to complete work in an accurate and timely manner.

In a separate study, researchers found that on average it takes around 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to a task after being distracted. If we relate that back to the findings from the ‘Noise and Wellbeing at Work’ survey, that means each of the employees is losing 1 hour and 55 minutes a day to noise distractions.

Open plan office distractions
  • Other solutions on the market, such as soundproofing room dividers, panels, baffles, tiles etc, are promising to deliver noise suppression and better acoustics but, it has been confirmed through testing that the office pod is perhaps the most renowned solution of them all. At its essence, it is an acoustic pod that is reducing decibels and is providing privacy and focus.
  • Spaceworx  modular office pods are an affordable win-win investment. It gives employees control over their office environment and it allows them to have a private space to concentrate or take phone calls. Pods are modular/mobile and can be reconfigured or expanded to accommodate a growing team. Most importantly, there is brilliant engineering behind the soundproofing technology which is helping to create the perfect working environment.  The wall panels are composed of multiple layers of materials designed to trap and absorb sound at every layer.  The Quietflow™ ventilation system is designed to provide the maximum amount of airflow while also trapping and absorbing sounds before entering or exiting the booths.   The door and glass, although the weakest point on the booth in terms of soundproofing, is designed with seals around it to create a completely acoustical and contained space for soundproofing. 
Spaceworx Quietflow Ventilation System
  • Soundproofing performance of the pods can vary depending on the spaces they are placed in.  For example if the overall workplace environment is extremely quiet and has no ambient noise from HVAC or white noise.  It is still likely some conversations inside the booths can be heard from outside the booths close by. 
  • To understand this better, normal speaking volume is approximately 50- 60 decibels while the Decibel Double and Single booths are designed on average to absorb approximately 40 Decibels inside the booths.   That means standing directly in front of booths, its likely noise can still be heard from inside the booth.  However, with an average of 10 decibels of ambient noise in the overall environment and a bit of space between the booths and the  other work settings, the booths are virtually soundproof for normal conversations.   
Spaceworx reducing decibels
  • Creating a completely soundproof pod at 60-70 decibels theoretically could be possible but it is important to understand the drawbacks of such a pod.  Firstly, it would be extremely cost prohibitive and any glass would need to be a double glaze with an air chamber in between.    The airflow system would have to be extremely limited on airflow due to the ability of sound being able to escape through that system. .  Lastly and most importantly, it would be a safety hazard and would likely be in violation of most building codes or regulations with regards to fire alarms.  A typical fire alarm is around 80 Decibels.  That means a completely “soundproof” booth at 60-70 decibels would make it difficult, if not impossible to hear a fire alarm or any other emergency outside the booth. It’s important to take into consideration that the Decibel pods are significantly better soundproofing than a typical conference room or private office.  Depending on how standard rooms are constructed, they typically only block about 20-35 decibels. 
Spaceworx Decibel Double in office
Spaceworx Hive Cafe Work Booth

A New Way of Working: Strategies For Productive Agile Work Environment

As we increasingly all know, work can be done from anywhere. The pandemic has accelerated the trend of remote working and made it mainstream for nearly every business.  Many businesses now realize that a lot of  work can be performed just as efficiently from home as in the office.

But what does this all mean for the future of the office?   At Spaceworx we are here to support companies as they embrace this new way of working Aka Hybrid work environment or agile working.  Gone are the days of needing your own desk or private office with a locked door. If you can open up your laptop in a coffee shop or airport and get some work done, the same principles should apply to the workplace.

Our belief is that employees work best when given the choice to work where, when and how they feel most productive. This not only applies to remote working but also the workplace environment in a physical sense. 

Below we laid out four workplace strategies that can be used to create an efficient, productive agile working environment.

  1. Unassigned seating

Creating a completely flexible environment where users can use a wide variety of different settings and spaces as explained below is the most efficient method of creating an agile workplace.  The office environment should support a certain number of users at any given time.  For example if a company has 100 employees, they can create an efficient workspace for 25 users since 75 employees could be working remotely or out of the office at any given time. It’s important to understand your usage data to create the correct size environment. 

    2. Work settings or “zones”

This trend is not necessarily new but has only increased in importance since the pandemic. The concept of this workplace design is to create a flexible workplace based on different types of work zones. The term Activity Based Working or ABW was created to describe this phenomenon. Companies started to create sections in the office where people could work without interruption or in a community. The design of the office became more diverse and new models of furniture sprung up.. The use of pods has, in general, facilitated ABW and has positioned people at work in a new setting.


Activity Based Office

    3. Modular Furniture and Spaceworx Pods. 

Spaceworx pods, while aesthetic, also provide a modular environment that is flexible in many ways. The furniture is easy to move around office space and has an acoustical characteristic that makes it optimal to work in. The pods serve a variety of purposes from a private office like setting to a phone booth to make private calls or video meetings, to acoustical collaboration hives. Modular furniture and pods can be moved or reconfigured quickly to serve different functions, uses or teams.  As an example, the back panel of the Zip Pod can be removed and the pods can be joined together to create a larger meeting space.

    4. Location is everything

Positioning your new Spaceworx work booths in the right place of the office space is crucial. By providing an additional meeting space you are increasing the opportunities for communication, but keeping in mind dividing walls, light and entries can become important to make the use of the pods inviting to all. For example the Hive Cafe is a nice addition to a break room, although it can be used in other ways, because it makes it possible for teams to engage in their free time by sharing time in this product. Break time is part of the new way of working and it is important in the sense that people need to recharge, and what better way to recharge than in style with Spaceworx products.

Office Break Room

It is also important to keep in mind that pods are intended for specific use and not for a full day’s work. This is where unassigned seating and activity based working comes into play as individuals can move from place to place depending on their current task. 

To learn more about designing an office for the new way of working, check out the article from Work Design Magazine here.

How to design for the variable future: a guide to designing with pods

Spaceworx FireShield System

Fire suppression systems in modular phone booths and meeting pods.

Spaceworx Decibel Double Meeting Pod

With the ever-increasing trend of modular phone booths, meeting pods and private workspaces in open-plan office environments, a common question that gets asked is: “What about sprinkler heads?”.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been clear direction on this from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or the International Building Code (IBC), both of which develop fire and sprinkler codes followed by most local jurisdictions.  This has ultimately left what we call a “gray area” for most building inspectors and fire marshals’ inspections and decisions.

Before modular booths and pods were mainstream in offices, the NFPA had guidance that stated that modular furniture did not require sprinkler heads installed in them.  This guidance worked for a while with many jurisdictions accepting fully enclosed phone booths and meeting pods as “modular furniture” that did not require sprinkler heads.

In recent years, most jurisdictions and fire marshals have changed their opinion and now require sprinkler heads or fire suppression systems installed in modular pods.

In fact, the NFPA has posted a blog called Navigating the sprinkler requirements for office pods.”  In the blog, they say “NFPA doesn’t specifically address whether office pods should be sprinkled” however they do say “according to NFPA 13, the default answer is yes, unless permitted otherwise.”  This would indicate that NFPA likely will revise its code making it clear that fire sprinklers are required in office pods.

IBC however does allow exemptions for the need of sprinkler heads when the booth does not exceed 4ft in width.  IBC 903.3.3 states “Automatic sprinklers shall be installed in or under covered kiosks, displays, booths, concession stands, or equipment that exceeds 4 feet (1219 mm) in width.”  This has allowed many jurisdictions to exempt smaller phone booths such as the Decibel Single phone booth which has an exterior size of 40”x40”.

With it becoming increasingly clear that any modular booths over 4ft wide require a sprinkler head or fire suppression, many companies are looking for cost-effective solutions to either retrofit existing booths or plan for the correct solutions for the installation of new booths.  Listed below are the pros and cons of 3 primary available solutions to satisfy the building code requirements:

1. Install sprinkler heads in each pod.

The cost can range from $1,000- $3,000 per pod.


This is guaranteed to meet any building code requirements.



Cost prohibitive

Time-consuming permitting process

Requires onsite construction work/trade professional contractor

Booths are no longer modular


2. Pods with open ceiling or baffles 

Pods with open ceilings or baffles are increasingly the solution furniture manufacturers are turning to.  Although this code allows existing building sprinkler systems to cover inside the pods, these are not completely acoustical privacy booths.



Meets building code requirements

Still Modular



Not a fully enclosed privacy booth

Not completely acoustical or soundproof

Spaceworx Fireshield