Block Out Distractions with “Third Spaces”

Noisy open plan office space
Spaceworx Zip Pod for mobile work

Separation panels and barriers make it easier to concentrate in an open plan office. Oftentimes, we find ourselves trying to find a “focus space” or a “third space” where our colleagues will not interrupt our calls, where conversations will not disrupt our train of thought and where we can simply dedicate fully to our work functions. Having a space where we can focus is not only beneficial but necessary, for example, in coworking spaces. It is very common for individuals to work out of coworking spaces where one would be surrounded by people from various industries and backgrounds. While this diversity is very interesting and inclusive, it may also lead to distractions as many people will be speaking on the phone, having virtual meetings or having conversations.

        1. The benefits of modular pods and phone booths

In order to have a dedicated space that is aesthetic and welcoming, Spaceworx has dedicated its team to develop the most comfortable type of furniture. The Zip Pod is an example of how various elements can amount to a design that is private and convenient for meetings and solo sessions. By adding features, such as doors or panels, the Zip Pod can become a unit with many characteristics that companies are looking for. The versatility of the product makes it a good option for those trying to find “focus zones” and concentrate on tasks that require full attention.

Spaceworx ZipPod® applications


2. Alternative solutions 

Many workers resort to the use of headphones, for example, to block out distractions. While this is a good temporary solution, it is not a solution to the problem of distractions. Workers can become disengaged from their colleagues and from the important dynamics of the workplace and this can result in negative consequences such as lack of communication with colleagues. The best way to block out distractions and to concentrate is to implement the use of zones and areas where employees can focus and work privately while at the same being available to the needs of the office. While alternative solutions may be a temporary fix, Spaceworx can offer a wide range of options such as the Decibel Single phone booth or Decibel Double meeting booth to counter the lack of privacy and lack of spaces to concentrate in the office. 

        3. Allocating designation to “focus zones”

Finally, blocking out noise and distractions can be attained through the use of office dynamics that allow individuals to work in various parts of the office depending on the need of the assignment, such as an area of Spaceworx Hive Cafe Pods. In this case, the spaces that are used for group sessions can be used for that purpose and be “third spaces” where individual work is needed can in turn be used for these focus sessions. Many companies have allowed their employees to work from home, this has been beneficial to combat the effects of the Covid pandemic at work. However, the office model still exists, and thus the environment where workers function can be disruptive at times. The creation of opportunities to function in a more efficient and productive way allows companies to be more effective while adding comfort to employees in the office.

spaceworx hive series with red upholstery