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The “New Norm” (Post COVID) workplaces demand for employee flexibility to perform tasks in activity based work zones.


A Globally Recognized Family of Modular Pods, Creating
A Safer and Better Workplace for your Team .


A key to productivity is reducing distracting office noise. Give you and your team a quiet outlet for productivity.


Free standing and no permits required. Pre-engineered units can be modified and moved to match company growth.


With more quiet time and fewer distractions, staff can do more, as well as deliver projects that are higher quality.



Compared to building a conference room or other fixed construction, Spaceworx™ is much more cost effective and easier.


Just choose your colors, and you’re all set. Avoid hiring and managing designers, contractors and project managers.


You can have peace of mind with a 1 year limited warranty for all Spaceworx products.



Corporate/ Government/ Healthcare/ Education/ Media/ Entertainment/ Public

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Freequently Ask Questions

The acoustics of the fully enclosed Decibel® Single and Decibel® Double were designed for the use of normal conversation. People working near to the pods will not be able to overhear discussions taking place inside them.

There aren’t any standard sound tests for enclosed office pods. Even if there were, they wouldn’t be able to portray the experience and overall quality of working in the booth.

The rest of the open pods and booths were designed to be acoustic enough to provide enough privacy to allow an employee to focus on their work, or to have a meeting without disturbing the whole office.

Please contact us to see if we have any installations in your area.

Each booth takes 2 people up to 2 hours to build with minimal noise. This does not include the time it takes to deliver and bring the unit into the office.

Our booths are “plug and play.” All they need is a standard power outlet.

Decibel® Single

UL listed electrical module with 2 power sockets, 2 USB ports, and 1 Ethernet port all mounted in the wall.

Decibel® Double

UL listed electrical module with 2 power sockets, 2 USB ports, and 1 Ethernet port all mounted in the wall.

Hive Cafe

UL listed electrical module with 2 power outlets and 2 USB ports (phone jack does not come standard, but is available as an after-market install).

Square & Round Retreat Pods

No outlets or USB ports. A media center can be installed that uses a power module with HDMI cables.

The Decibel® Single and Decibel® Double have a dual ventilation system with minimal noise.

Yes. The Decibel® Single and Decibel® Double come standard with a left-handed door, but it is possible to have a right-handed door. Lead time may be effected.

The booths needs a space about twice the size of the booth to build. Then there needs to be a space to store the panels while the booth is being built. Typically, open office plans don’t have issues with space requirements.

After the units are built…

Decibel® Single and Decibel® Double

These pods need about 2 inches around the top and side to allow the ventilation system to work properly. They can be pushed all the way back to a wall.

All other pods

No space requirements. The size of the booths is the space needed.

No. Sprinklers are only required on fixed construction that is attached to the building. Since our units are modular, they do not fall under these codes.

We have found no evidence that our pods interfere with any regular wireless signals.

All Spaceworx® products come with a 3 year warranty. Click here to view our full warranty.