Soundproof Office Pods Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!



Soundproof office pods

Open workplaces were once the idea of office employers to propose a collaboration, innovation, and creativity to the workplace. But the reality did not match with their dream of ideas. 

Open office spaces had a lack of privacy and concentration which led to a distractive and noisy environment. They were filled with a lot of interruptions. According to research, it takes around half an hour for employees to focus again on their task after getting distracted that could have a negative impact on productivity as well as collaboration.  Thus, in turn, distractive staff can lead to bad performance, stress, and irritation. One best way to overcome these office issues is to make a small investment of modular work pods.

Soundproof office pods -

How acoustical office pods will make you tons of cash?

Here you will know how soundproof escape pods will make you tons of cash:

Most of the employees get distracted every 15 minutes and 25% of lost time is due to interruptions and noisy environments. Incorporating modular office booths in the office help employees to escape disruptions, able to concentrate and focus to work effectively.

Soundproof office pods

Office pods remove the sense of anxiety and stress as they are self-contained and acoustic privacy pod that helps employees to improve their workplace satisfaction, self-esteem, and individuality.

Soundproof office pods

One of the main issues in the workplace that employees don’t have any private place to spend some time alone.  The lack of privacy prevents self-expression, personal development and can be a hurdle in one’s thinking process. 95% of office employees admitted that they need a private place to improve their morale and productivity. So, privacy could be achieved with the use of meeting room pods.

Soundproof office pods for office productivity

Square pods are an oasis in the open office space where employees can focus, concentrate, escape distractions and can take phone calls in privacy that leads to maximizing productivity and morale while reducing stress. Moreover, office booths are portable, modular and less expensive than building a permanent soundproof room. Thus, they became a great solution for employees and owners as well.

Moreover, Businesses can easily cut down the cost of office renovation by introducing portable collaboration booths in the office. This is why soundproof office pods are needed in the modern office workspace to achieve productivity while minimizing the limitations of open office.

So, add a private meeting space to your office that will give your employees more options on how and where to be more productive and will make you tons of cash in terms of productivity and collaboration.

Here at Spaceworx®, we provide a variety of acoustic privacy booths in different sizes, shapes, and designs.  With a portable office meeting booth, no matter how do you think to rearrange your office, your office pod can be easily placed anywhere.

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