How circular meeting pods boost workplace collaboration?

How circular meeting pods boost workplace collaboration?

Creating a collaborative workplace and knowledgeable sharing in a busy office can be challenging. How can you draw attention to a team together in the workplace? How can you keep them in one place? How do you make them engaged to share more creative ideas and participate?

Is it possible to have an open office workspace with comfort, concentration, and confidence? Distraction-free zones and collaborative areas?

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A study shows that working in a circular position boosts the level of collaboration as well as concentration. Spaceworx® can make them feel more connected to each other and allow them to share their creative ideas just by providing the right office space. Embrace a modular way to work with Spaceworx® products to get your new office personality.

So How does a circular privacy booth boost collaboration and deliver the agile work environment?

Below are some factors with which you can say that circular pods really useful in increase collaboration for delivering today’s agile workplace.

1. Attract teams

Teams come together in a single place for a common objective. A creative and round workspace setting always attract individuals to come together and work as a team. Working in a team helps individuals to prepare themselves mentally to express their inner thoughts to communicate and collaborate easily with other team members.

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2. Improve focus

A profitable office workspace always requires focus. To maintain focus, employees have to keep excess noise and distractions away from them. Circular meeting pods have acoustical properties for your workplace as it creates a semi-private space and prevents excess distractions. In a circular sitting, the team is forced to pay attention and remain concentrated on the common objective. In this way, circular furniture can create an environment of its own where concentration is promoted.

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3. Creative place

Teams naturally attracted to creative areas.  Pleasing and attractive workspaces inspire and encourage individuals to share ideas as well as make them participate to work better for the organization. Circle helps to break down the hierarchy, maximize interaction, stimulate equality and participation. So, circular workspace is an open proposal for teams to come, meet and participate together.

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4. Collaboration

The physical layout of the circular seating environment encourages inclusiveness and attracts all team members into collaborative work at hand. Circular collaboration pods encourage teamwork and create an acoustic cooperative environment. Enclosed office privacy booth is space-efficient while creating semi-private offices within the office to prevent excess distractions and provide acoustical advantages.

Moreover, providing teams with modular office circular meeting pods improve team effectiveness and allow them to share knowledge, ideas and increase the speed of problem-solving.

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The Spaceworx® office has modular office furniture solutions for collaboration breakout areas, meeting spaces, phone booths, circular meeting pods, and custom acoustical products. Our private conversation pods provide a comfortable office space to answer calls privately, study new materials with concentration, host a video conference, collaborate and communicate with team members, and handle tasks that need extra concentration and peace. We help you in getting a smarter office for a changing world with our exclusive peaceful office privacy booths that increase performance, collaboration, morale, and profitability.

Any questions? We would love to answer them. Contact us today at (866) 895-6044 to get a high-performance modular oasis in today’s workplaces.

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