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SPACEWORX® is open to Dealer / Reseller inquiries globally. Dealer Partners Enjoy the benefits of Dealer Discounts on all Products. Additional discounts for showroom models.

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yesIf you're interested in representing Spaceworx products in your showroom, please complete the following application(in addition to the information above) . We offer extra discounting for showroom models and include your company on our list of authorized dealers.

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If yes, What brands?
Are you interested in any particular model?
When do you need the products by?
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How accessible is your showroom for clients?
Please provide us with a photo of your space to give us an idea where you will show off the products.

yesBy submitting this dealer application, you agree to the Spaceworx Showroom Agreement.
(Click here to access Showroom Agreement )

SPACEWORX DEALER Showroom Agreement

Upon approval from Spaceworx management, you (the dealer) and us (Spaceworx) mutually and respectfully agree to the following terms and conditions:
We (Spaceworx) will :

  • Deliver products to you at a discounted price and provide marketing brochures (electronically) to help you promote the products.
  • We will provide client support and (virtual) training for your team if they need training or have questions about the product.
  • We will send prospects to your location depending on leads from website inquiries
  • We will also send a range of prospects/ customers to your business.
  • We reserved the right to terminate this agreement without providing any credit or return of products, should you breach any terms of this agreement

You (the dealer and/ or company receiving the showroom model) will:

  • Install the Spaceworx pod/ booth/s at an agreed location in your building and not move or relocate it to any other location unless otherwise agreed.
  • Welcome anyone who visits your location to see the booths within business hours.
  • Make promotional material available to anyone who has been invited to see the booth/s
  • Not hide or obscure any Spaceworx branding on the booth/ pods
  • Allow Spaceworx to take photos & videos of the booth in your office if requested.
  • Actively maintain and review your showroom bookings availability calendar.
  • Make the products available when the customer has booked a specific time to visit the showroom.

End of terms