Using colors in workplace privacy booths and pods to increase productivity

​Having an array of colors that stimulate the brain can have exponential benefits for employees and affect mood in a positive manner. Having the right combination in the office can bring some of the best results. 

At Spaceworx we have added over 200 possibilities of colors and choices to our product line with a 3D configurator available online.  Below is an outline on how certain colors can be used for certain purposes and which product and function is best suited. 



Use blue in spaces where you want to focus and concentrate to create an environment where ideas flow easily. Blue helps employees remain at task and bring accurate results.

Blue helps individuals focus and it stimulates ideas while concentrating. The color blue can potentially be a good addition to phone booths by providing a quiet and tranquil space for users to concentrate.

Spaceworx Decibel Single Phone Booth


Use yellow generously to increase productivity, creating a space for interaction, yellow can contribute to creativity and new ideas. 

Yellow is often associated with a state of creativity and this can allow the artistic side of the brain to come out and allow individuals to create never before seen projects. It is important to be generous with the color yellow to allow for the left side of the brain to work in the right manner by creating solutions that are displayed during a brainstorming moment or a discussion of a topic that requires creativity. While some colors could become overwhelming to some, the color yellow is one that allows for both a balance and an inspiration to those that are exposed to it. 

A good example of where to use yellow in your space would be the Decibel Double or Hive Cafe booths which are used for collaboration and brainstorming teams. 

Spaceworx Decibel Double Meeting Booth in Office


Use red sporadically in spaces that require employees to get up and do something active. Red will motivate individuals and its use can have great results on motivation. 

There are occasions and tasks that may require you to get up from your chair and move, in which case the color red is the best option because it motivates people to be active and complete tasks fast and in an efficient manner. The color red, along with physical activity can stimulate the brain to release certain chemicals that make people happy and ready to take on any project that is presented to them. Motivating and exciting, the color red allows us to bring our potential away from the desk and in a more mobile environment. 

Spaceworx Mobile Zip Pod in open office


Use green in spaces where long projects are completed since this color helps individuals to concentrate and allow for rest to the eyes. 

More and more, we see extensive hours or work in front of a computer screen and in an enclosed environment. The color green can be a good choice for the length of time that we remain in the same space at one time. It can be quieting while at the same time allowing for low eye fatigue and allowing individuals that require a long time to complete a project or task without interruption. Green can be used in combination with other more stimulating colors within any of the products. 



Use purple in spaces where fast paced projects are completed, purple creates an environment of both efficiency and achievement and can have a great effect on the productivity of individuals.

Purple can be used in combination with other colors within any of the products or on its own.


Use gray with other colors since this is a neutral color and can be used in various spaces and situations. Gray can help individuals remain focused but needs another color to increase creativity and productivity.

Gray can is most often used in combination with other colors in any of the products. 


Use white in spaces and situations where a blank slate is needed and a project may be presenting obstacles. White allows for the creation of new solutions and ideas to flow.

White is often used for the exterior of the product creating a clean and minimalist modern environment.  

Finally, it is important to have good lighting wherever work is completed, lighting that mimics sunlight and natural light is the best because mood is improved and a sense of calmness can be achieved. Overall, colors and light must be carefully balanced to achieve the right combination between concentration, focus, creativity and activity. 

To learn more about the colors possibilities visit our 3D configurator: