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Smart Thermometry And Face Recognition.



Smart. Modular. Safe.

THERMOSMART™ is a Non-Contact Body Temperature Kiosk with Facial Recognition comprising a fully integrated infrared thermometry and imaging face recognition technology for use in entries to places and spaces to help prevent COVID 19 and virus spread and maintain a healthy environment for your employees, visitors and the general public. 

The unit features smart facial recognition through an industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera and temperature detection sensor combined with abnormal temperature detection and alarm for rapid intervention and emergency measures to prevent the spread of COVID19 and other viruses in places where there is a danger of widespread infection.

THERMOSMART™ supports the expansion of various peripherals, such as ID card readers, fingerprint readers, which provide smart, real-time data.  It comes equipped with high-performance hardware, industrial-class binocular camera, and live face recognition. 

Designed as a high-tech access control measure, the THERMOSMART ™ kiosks are ideal for use, yet not limited for entry to healthcare, medical centers, supermarkets, and retail shops, factories, public transportation facilities, office buildings, senior living, living complexes, schools, and universities.

Display Size: 8 inch

Whole Size: 290 x 145 x 26mm

Display Type: IPS LCD Capacitive 10 point full-screen touch

Processor: 32bit quad-core ARM Chip RK3288

Memory: 2GB

Flash: 8GB

Operational System: Android 7.1 (Android 5.1 optional)

Measurement Range: 10*C-42*C

Input Power: 12V2A

Camera: 2 million pixels, USB, a field of view 130*, TV distortion <-5%, anti-glare, binocular camera, assembly angle: flat out

Interface: 232 TTL WIFI RJ45

Face Library: 200,000 – 500,000 photos

Wigan Interface: Wigan 26, Wigan 34

Working Temperature: -20-65*C

Default Auto Output Frequency: 14Hz

Installation: Wall mounted, desktop, floor-standing (gate mounted)

Backlight Recognition Illumination: <6000Lux

Alarm Threshold: Adjustable

Temperature Output: Real-time parallel output

Fill Light: LED: white light, RGB camera fill light, a control interface in SDKNIR: 850mm infrared LED light, IR camera fill light source, control interface in SDK

Effective Recognition Distance: 0.5m x 4m

Wavelength Range: 8-14um

  • MOBILE: Prefabricated Rapid Deployment
  • SMART DESIGN: Space-Efficient Accurate Intelligence
  • SAFE: Non Contact, No Chemicals
  • AUTOMATED: Labor Saving, Lower Maintenance
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Energy Efficient, Non Toxic

0.5s rapid temperature detection.

100,000 photos offline and 5 million photos in the cloud.

Temperature accuracy: ±0.3℃.

Thermal imaging temperature measurement with night capability

The API provides interface software support services.

Binocular human detection.

No mask detection with automatic alert

Multi-scene application.

10 point touch LCD screen.

Supports upload and download data.

Aluminum casting with high-efficiency heat dispersion.

Bracket for three installation methods: wall hanging, desktop, and column.

Celsius and Fahrenheit optional display


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Floor Standing Style

Desktop Style

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