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Smart. Modular. Safe.

As a result of COVID19, there has never been more of a need than NOW for Smart Mobile Thermometry, which is essential to early epidemic prevention. The all New ThermoStation™ provides a simple, safe, and intuitive, non-contact, intelligent face recognition and fever detection system with alarm notification.

The ThermoStation™ is the perfect automated gateway solution to entries of places and spaces. With its precision infrared spectral sensors, it can achieve very accurate results. It comes equipped with plug in, ready to use, power cord, and also a stationary hand sanitizer dispenser unit. The ThermoStation™ also becomes a branded ornament in your location, complementing the environment.

Size/Dimensions: 40” w X 36” d X 90” h

Weight: 95kg ( 210 lbs)

Function:  Human Thermometry

Usage/Application: Indoor or sheltered entry into places and spaces.

Structure Material: Powder-coated steel, plastic components

Color: As shown. Custom available

Technical Material: Stainless steel, plastics

Power: 110 V

Thermometry Type: Infrared Dynamic, optional face identification

Distance/Range: 10-20 cm optimum

Smart Features: Over Temperature Alarm, Voice broadcast, realtime data, recording generated attendance statistics report

Supporting System: WiFi, Bluetooth, or interface Module Extension

Hand Disinfection Type: Independent area induction spray type

Optional Features: Custom branded with your company logo, Custom Sizes

  • MOBILE: Prefabricated Rapid Deployment
  • SMART DESIGN: Space-Efficient Accurate Intelligence
  • SAFE: Non Contact, No Chemicals
  • AUTOMATED: Labor Saving, Lower Maintenance
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Energy Efficient, Non Toxic


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